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As one of the most widely used decorative materials in room decoration, paint has won the favor of consumers because of its rich colors, convenient construction, strong covering power, scrub resistance and a series of other advantages. Insiders of the municipal decoration industry association said that painting the wall with a bucket of good paint plays an important role in regulating the indoor atmosphere and enhancing the indoor interest. However, the paint color should be selected and painted correctly. In addition, in today's high-quality life and green life, the environmental protection of coatings can not be ignored

◆ color should be selected and matched well

color is everywhere in our life, and color paint is being increasingly applied to all aspects of home decoration. Put a colorful coat on the interior wall with color wall paint, and its intuitive visual effect can reflect the taste of the home owner at the design level. The ingenious color matching can also make the narrow home space infinitely extended, create a harmonious atmosphere at home, adjust people's physical and mental health, and show the owner's personality at the same time. Of course, we should be careful when considering the color of paint

the insiders of the municipal decoration industry association said that if you choose a favorite color coating, you must first look at the color after the color card is lightened by two color levels. Because when you use this kind of color paint in a large area, the effect will be lighter than the primary color. After painting, it may not be the effect you want under the sun. Therefore, when choosing color paint, it is best to choose the color card under the sun and light at the same time

although the wall can play an important dominant role in the indoor atmosphere, the wall color paint does not have to be used in a large area to have a visual impact, and improper use will damage the overall effect. Insiders said that the color of the wall at home is not suitable for many and complex, so we should choose according to the overall design style and effect, and consider personal preferences at the same time. For example, rooms with dark walls can choose warm colors to create a lively and happy atmosphere; Bright neutral color can make the room look spacious and bright. Generally, the wall color is mostly white and solid color (light color with low color and high lightness is preferred), and the ceiling can be white and bright color close to white, so as to strengthen the indoor lighting effect and improve the brightness

corridors, stairs and platforms give people a cold and dark feeling, and because there are many doors and corners, it is not easy to decorate well. It is recommended to use warm color paint to unify, so as to create a bright and happy atmosphere. For example, clay color, red plum color, dark coral color, apricot color, etc. are all good choices. The color of the door frame and the wall can be consistent to make the area full of a sense of integrity and avoid trivial visual feelings. As for the color matching of furniture, insiders said that you can choose the color system you want by choosing curtain fabric, chair fabric or carpet. When choosing carpets, you should pay special attention to distinguishing the color from the wall, or choose softer curtains to reconcile the color system. If you like collecting, such as Chinese porcelain, plant printed cloth, etc., you can choose them as the base color of your room. They can also produce unexpected and unique effects when matched with wall paint and other furniture

you can also design some bold color paint matching schemes for the room, such as the intersection of warm and cold colors such as orange red and blue, pink and rose white. They break the unchanging white tone and reflect the unique color style. Insiders pointed out that this kind of collocation is more popular with post-80s consumers. This young group uses their keen sense of fashion to make colors more emotional and varied in expression, so as to make their home world distinctive

◆ high quality environmental protection is the most critical

environmental protection is always the main theme in the market, and it is also a key consideration when you buy paint. Insiders pointed out that benzene, as the main polluting component in paint, is a colorless liquid with special aromatic smell, which has been identified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and mainly has irritating effects on skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract. If people inhale high concentrations of toluene and xylene in a short time, they will have central nervous system anesthesia and other symptoms. Light people will have dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, fatigue, blurred consciousness, and serious people will have coma. Therefore, choosing water-based paint is more environmentally friendly

when visiting the paint market, the author found that consumers prefer environmentally friendly water-soluble paint. It is understood that it uses water instead of traditional organic solvents, and has the characteristics of no odor, environmental protection, quick drying, high hardness, constant yellow, water resistance, heat resistance, etc. fundamentally, it is non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free. TDI, benzene, toluene, xylene, and VOC are extremely low, which will not cause harm to users and construction personnel, and reduce the pollution of harmful substances to the atmosphere. When consumers buy water-based paint, they will have a reliable guarantee for their own safety and the safety of their families

of course, in the face of a wide range of paint brands and uneven product quality in the market, consumers need to polish their eyes to buy high-quality paint. Insiders said that the first is to look at the packaging. Due to the high volatility of polyester paint, the product packaging should be well sealed, and there should be no leakage; The metal packaging should not be rusted, otherwise it indicates that the sealing is not good or the time is too long; Also check the production date and shelf life carefully, and first remove the inferior paint from the outer package. The second is to check the component. Different paint packages have different specifications and weights. Consumers can use a simple method to identify the advantages and disadvantages when buying: take out each can and shake it. If there is a clatter sound when shaking, it indicates that the weight is insufficient or volatilized. Third, look at the content. It is generally not allowed to open the container when buying paint, but consumers should carefully check the contents of the paint before unpacking and using. The surface of the main paint shall not be hard skinned, and the paint liquid shall be transparent, uniform in color, free of impurities, and shall have good fluidity; The curing agent should be water white or light yellow transparent liquid, without stratification, condensation, clear and transparent, and no impurities. Finally, construction. After the paint with good quality is proportioned in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions, it should have fine hand feel, uniform gloss, uniform color and appropriate viscosity

insiders remind that it is very important for those who have children at home to choose paint that is more formaldehyde resistant and easy to scrub. Children like to doodle, especially to leave their own proud works on the walls of their homes. There is a wall paint specially used for children's rooms on the market, which is characterized by microporous purification technology, super scrubbing resistance and taste purification formula. According to the children's different ages and genders, a variety of bright colors are selected for parents to weave their children's fairy tale space at will. The super scrubbing function allows parents to easily erase their children's graffiti on the wall and solve the trouble of dirty walls. It is worth mentioning that it can effectively absorb and decompose indoor formaldehyde, comprehensively purify indoor air, and is safe and environmentally friendly. It is worth buying





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