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Now is the time for decoration. But now we can't simply regard 3.15 as a rights day, and now we add a "coat" of business to it. As the "big three" in home decoration, they all showed their skills, so they all showed themselves to consumers by the east wind of March 15. On the other hand, they used various decoration packages, preferential packages, free design and other methods to grab orders. Recently, Wuhan home decoration network compiled the decoration experience of many owners and some netizens to help you who are about to decorate

first, the designer recommends building materials. If so, there may be a problem and we have to reconsider! Now some building materials manufacturers have certain cooperative relations with decoration companies, which is not rare in the industry. Xiaobian learned that building materials manufacturers not only have cooperative relations with decoration companies, but also cooperate with designers to some extent! The form of cooperation is that building materials manufacturers rely on the product recommendations of some designers to complete their own material sales. If the more products the designers recommend to sell, the more kickbacks they will receive. In fact, this is very common in the industry

people who have been decorated know that it takes more than 20 processes from the beginning of the rough house to the birth of a new home after decoration. In addition, the general decoration time is more than two months. During this period, if you are a little careless, your consumption rights and interests may be violated, and even the quality of home decoration will be flawed! Ms. Li, who lives in the eastern suburbs, encountered it when decorating. "At that time, the decoration price was 500 yuan/m, and then minus the shared area, the final decoration price would not exceed 100 yuan/m." But the result surprised Ms. Li, because the decoration company only indicated 500 yuan/m when the decoration was completed, and the price was charged according to the area of the outer wall. Finally, she spent more than 7000 yuan more than the budget

second, "guerrillas" disguised as "regular army". To this end, Xiaobian learned as an owner that some "guerrillas" are no longer as simple as before in the streets. Maybe some owners learned that "guerrillas" are bad on the Internet or friends, so they don't look for "guerrillas". As the saying goes, "there are policies at the top and Countermeasures at the bottom". During the peak decoration season, such as early spring, some "guerrillas" will hang under the names of some home decoration companies with business licenses and formal qualifications, but they are in recession. They can borrow copies of their company licenses. But "there is no free lunch in the world" in return, "guerrillas" can pay a commission to the company according to the number of orders received

third, seeing that 3.15 is coming, various major merchants' pattern promotions are emerging in endlessly, but the editor still wants to remind you to be vigilant. Rights Day is no longer rights day, but promotion day! After the early spring, decoration entered the peak season, and various home furnishing markets also began to become active. Material merchants played a price war and various promotional activities. Most merchants used various "means" to attract customers. During this period, some merchants would use consumer information channels and unclear sources to "supply" some goods with quality problems in the name of price reduction and building price jump, and shoddy goods would be replaced by good ones, To deceive our "God" consumers

Xiaobian reminds consumers that no matter whether you choose a decoration company, a designer or a building material, you must shop around and cultivate a pair of "golden eyes". No matter at any time of consumption, it is 3.15 every day, and you are safeguarding your legitimate rights and interests every day, as is the consumption in the home furnishing industry




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