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Typical application industry of machine vision system

advantages of machine vision technology

because the machine vision system can quickly obtain a large amount of information, and it is easy to automatically process vehicle PMDI hard foam polyether: Xiuwaihuizhong (Puhua Consulting - Global polyurethane market analyst Zhou Yitong), and it is also easy to integrate with design information and processing control information, therefore, in the process of modern automated production, Machine vision system is widely used in the fields of working condition monitoring, finished product inspection and quality control. The characteristic of machine vision system is to improve the flexibility and automation of production. In some dangerous working environment which is not suitable for manual operation or where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision; At the same time, in the process of mass industrial production, the efficiency of product quality inspection by artificial vision is low and the accuracy is not high. The machine vision inspection method can greatly improve the production efficiency and the degree of automation of production. And machine vision is easy to realize information integration, which is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing. In short, with the maturity and development of machine vision technology, it can be expected that it will be more and more widely used in modern and future manufacturing enterprises

types of machine vision industrial inspection systems

machine vision industrial inspection systems are divided into quantitative and qualitative inspection in terms of their inspection properties and application scope, and each category is divided into different sub categories. Machine vision is very active in various application fields of industrial inspection, such as visual inspection of printed circuit boards, automatic flaw detection of steel plate surfaces, measurement of parallelism and verticality of large workpieces, container volume or impurity detection, automatic identification and classification of mechanical parts, and geometric dimension measurement. In addition, in many cases where other methods are difficult to detect, the machine vision system can be effectively implemented. The application of machine vision is more and more making the gap between the oil needle and the valve body smaller to replace people to complete many tasks, which undoubtedly improves the production automation level and the intelligent level of the detection system to a great extent

application examples of machine vision in quality inspection

machine vision system has been widely used in all aspects of quality inspection. For example, a large workpiece parallelism and perpendicularity measuring instrument using laser scanning and CCD detection system, which takes a stable collimated laser beam as the measurement baseline, is equipped with a rotating axis system, and rotates a pentagonal prism to sweep out mutually parallel or vertical reference planes, Compare it with the faces of the large workpiece to be measured. When machining or installing large workpieces, the error recognizer can be used to measure the parallelism and perpendicularity between surfaces. The dynamic measurement system for the geometric parameters of hot rolled deformed steel bar is realized by using the frequency flash as the lighting source and the face and line CCD as the detection devices for the overall dimensions of deformed steel bar. Vision technology monitors the load and temperature changes of bearings in real time to eliminate the danger of overload and overheating. It changes the traditional passive measurement that ensures the machining quality and safe operation by measuring the ball surface into active monitoring. Using microwave as the signal source, the cracks on the metal surface are measured according to the square waves with different wave rates emitted by the microwave generator. The higher the frequency of the microwave wave, the narrower the crack can be measured. In short, there are many similar practical systems, which will not be summarized here

next, we will introduce three practical machine vision systems in more detail

intelligent integrated test system for instrument panel assembly based on machine vision

eq140-ii automobile instrument panel assembly is an instrument product produced by an automobile company in China. The instrument panel is equipped with speed odometer, water temperature meter, gasoline meter, ammeter, signal alarm lamp, etc. its production batch is large, and a final quality inspection is required before leaving the factory. The detection items include: detecting the indication error of five instrument pointers such as speedometer; Check whether 24 signal alarm lamps and several lighting 9 lamps are damaged or missing. Generally, manual visual inspection method is adopted for inspection, which has large error and poor reliability, and can not meet the needs of automatic production. The intelligent integrated test system based on machine vision has changed this situation, realized the intelligent, automatic, high-precision and fast quality inspection of the instrument panel assembly, overcome various errors caused by manual inspection, and greatly improved the inspection efficiency. The whole system is divided into four parts: integrated multi-channel standard signal source providing analog signal source for instrument panel, two coordinate CNC system with image information feedback positioning, camera image acquisition system and master-slave parallel processing system

metal plate surface automatic damage control system

metal plates, such as large power transformer coil, flat wire radio, etc., have high requirements for surface quality, but the original detection methods of manual visual inspection or dial indicator plus control needle are not only susceptible to subjective factors, but also may bring new scratches to the measured surface. The metal plate surface automatic flaw detection system uses the machine vision technology to automatically inspect the metal surface defects. It can detect the metal surface defects at high speed and accurately in the production process. At the same time, due to the use of non angle measurement, the possibility of new scratches is avoided. Its working principle diagram is shown in the figure; In this system, the laser is used as the light source, and the stray light around the laser beam is filtered through the pinhole filter. The beam expander and collimator make the laser beam into parallel light and uniformly illuminate the surface of the inspected metal plate at an incident angle of 45 degrees. The metal plate is placed on the inspection table. The inspection table can move in the X, y and Z directions. The camera adopts tcd142d 2048 linear CCD, and the lens adopts the lens of an ordinary camera. The CCD interface circuit adopts the single chip microcomputer system, and the products will not have the phenomenon of glass fiber reunion. The host PC mainly completes image preprocessing, defect classification or scratch depth calculation, and can display the detected defect or scratch image on the display. The two-way communication between CCD interface circuit and PC through RS-232 port, combined with asynchronous a/d conversion mode, constitutes a man-machine interactive data acquisition and processing. The system mainly uses the self scanning characteristic of linear CCD and the movement of the inspected steel plate in the X direction to obtain the three-dimensional image information of the metal plate surface

automobile body detection system

100% detection of the overall dimension accuracy of 800 series automobile bodies of rover automobile company in the UK is a typical example of machine vision system used in industrial detection. The system consists of 62 measurement units, each of which includes a laser and a CCD camera to detect 288 measurement points on the body shell. The car body is placed under the measurement framework, and the software calibration of the car body will eventually turn the blueprint on the computer into the precise position of the physical object. The calibration of measuring unit will affect the detection accuracy, so it is paid special attention. Each laser/camera unit is calibrated offline. At the same time, there is a calibration device calibrated by CMM in the off-line state, which can calibrate the camera top. The detection system detects three types of body at the speed of one body every 40 seconds. The system compares the test results with the qualified dimensions extracted from the CAD model, and the measurement accuracy is ± 0.1mm. Rover's quality inspectors use this system to judge the dimensional consistency of key parts, such as the overall appearance of the car body, doors, glass windows, etc. The practice shows that the system is successful and will be used in the body inspection of other vehicles of rover company

banknote printing quality detection system

the system uses image processing technology to detect the quality of banknotes by comparing and analyzing more than 20 characteristics (number, Braille, color, pattern, etc.) of banknotes on the banknote production line, replacing the traditional human eye identification method

intelligent traffic management system

by placing cameras in the traffic arteries, when there are illegal vehicles (such as running red lights), the cameras will capture the vehicle license plate and transmit it to the central management system. The system uses image processing technology to analyze the captured pictures, extract the license plate number, and store it in the database for managers to retrieve

metallographic analysis

the metallographic image analysis system can accurately and objectively analyze the matrix structure, impurity content and structural composition of metal or other materials, providing a reliable basis for product quality

medical image analysis

automatic classification and counting of blood cells, chromosome analysis, cancer cell recognition, etc

bottled beer production line detection system

can detect whether the beer reaches the standard capacity, whether the beer label is complete, etc. (end)

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