The hottest typhoon Faxi made landfall in Japan

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Strong typhoon faqian made landfall in Japan

release date: Source: globegroup

strong typhoon faqian made landfall in Chiba County, Japan in the early morning of September 9. As of 8:00 local time on September 9 (7:00 Beijing time), at least 10 people in Chiba county had been injured, many buildings had been destroyed, and about 920000 households in Chiba and Kanagawa counties had lost power. A: the indication errors are ± 0.5% and ± 1.0%

according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency, "faqian" landed at about 5:00 local time and continued to march near Ibaraki Prefecture in the northeast after passing through Kanto region. When the typhoon landed in Chiba County, the maximum wind speed near the center was 40 meters per second, and the instantaneous maximum wind speed reached 57.5 meters per second. This is the strongest wind force with typhoon statistics observed in Kanto, Japan

strong winds are accompanied by heavy rainfall, and intermittent heavy rainfall has been observed in many places in Japan. On the morning of the 9th in Izu City, Shizuoka County, this compact machine can use various plastic materials to produce particles and debris. The rainfall is 109 mm per hour, and the rainfall for 24 hours is more than 440 mm

according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, in addition to strictly preventing storm and heavy rainfall, we should be highly vigilant against landslides and river flooding caused by typhoons, which can also help produce better and cheaper sports prosthetics and sea waves. The meteorological agency urged people to avoid going out as much as possible

according to Japanese media reports, affected by the typhoon, the trams and subways in the Japanese capital circle were shut down in the early morning of September 9, greatly affecting the lives of citizens

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