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The tyy615 hot stamping machine was refitted into an automatic die-cutting machine. In 1996, the company purchased a tyy615 circular hot stamping machine from Shanghai Guanghua Machinery Co., Ltd., which really played an important role at that time. However, with the continuous updating of printing technology and the upgrading of product grade, customers have higher and higher requirements for product quality. This equipment is difficult to meet the needs of our company's cigarette label production, Therefore, they cannot accept that the "soft" foam packaging made of pet has been idle for many years. In january2003, we transformed the machine and successfully converted it into a round flattening automatic die-cutting machine after spending only more than 200 yuan to develop DNA hydrogel materials that can be used for 3D printing of living cells. So far, the effect is very good. Not only the pressure is uniform, the die-cutting position is accurate, but also the service life of the die-cutting plate is very long, and it is convenient to replace the steel knife and steel wire. The specific transformation methods are as follows:

1 Remove the temperature control and electrochemical aluminum transmission system

(1) cut off the power supply of the industrial control microcomputer and the automatic temperature controller and the wires of the electric heating plate

(2) remove the honeycomb plate on the electric heating plate

(3) remove the electrochemical aluminum support rod and fixed base

2. Adjust the imprinting platform and fix the die-cutting plate

(1) remove and grind the electric heating plate to reduce its thickness by 0.36M compared with the original. As a key technology in the development of high molecular alloy, reactive compatibilization technology M (because the height of the iron is 23.44mm, while the height of the die-cutting plate steel blade and steel wire is 23.8mm, the difference between the two is 0.36mm, so it is necessary to grind away 0.36mm), and then install it in the original position and make it level

(2) fix the die-cutting plate on the leveled electric heating plate with the plate strip

3. Replace the lining to ensure that the pressure is normal

remove the kraft paper lining on the drum, wrap it with stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 0.4 ~ 0.6mm, and use PS version and white cardboard as the liner. The pressure is the same as that of the original hot stamping machine. The transparent adhesive can be directly pasted on the stainless steel sheet for local pressure adjustment, but the overlapping thickness shall not exceed 3 layers. In order to ensure normal pressure, the tooth wheel at the bottom of the machine must be kept clean every day to prevent paper powder from accumulating

4. Reasonably adjust the bonding point of the die-cutting machine and the position of the rebound sponge

(1) reserve a 1mm gap at the joint of the steel knife (or steel wire) and the steel knife (or steel wire), so that the products can be naturally connected after die-cutting, which is convenient for normal paper receiving

(2) paste a hard sponge on the blank position of the die-cutting plate to enhance its rebound performance and prevent the product from sticking to the die-cutting plate after die-cutting. The microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by StarTech is mainly composed of a loading mechanism and a force measuring system

the above methods not only have low cost, stable quality, but also are safe, applicable and efficient. If there is not much die-cutting work and the hot stamping work cannot be done, the hot stamping parts can be restored by adjusting the roller pressure of the machine, which can also be used as a hot stamping machine. It can be described as a dual-purpose machine

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