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On July 6, 2012, the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen welcomed a large number of entrepreneurs and technical experts from the inverter industry. They gathered at the Kirin villa in Shenzhen, It is for the purpose of participating in the 9th frequency converter industry entrepreneur forum and the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the founding of "there is no hydrogel material of frequency converter that can simultaneously meet the harsh conditions of cell compatibility, mechanical strength, permeability, rapid prototyping, etc. required by 3D printing of living cells". The event was sponsored by inverter world, Guangdong automation society, Beijing Power Electronics Society, power electronics branch of China Electrical Industry Association, and variable frequency power supply and power transmission Committee of China power supply society. Nearly 200 most representative people from the industry participated in the event

at this grand meeting of China's inverter industry, Bonner's BMD series inverter products won the 2011~2012 China's inverter industry cutting edge award issued by the sponsor. When it comes to us Bonner, the first impression of Chinese users is its highly competitive sensor, machine vision and wireless network products. For many years, Bonner has been a leader in these product fields. In 2012, Bonner put another label inverter on the Chinese market. Entering the Chinese inverter market will not only improve Bonner's product line in China, but also deepen the comprehensive transformation of Bonner's integrated automation solution suppliers with sensors as the core by pressing the "start" button on the counter

the advantages of Bonner inverter can be summarized in the following three aspects:

first, Bonner has a wide product line, including PLC, HMI, inverter, sensor, measurement and detection, machine vision, safety and other products, which can provide customers with complete electrical solutions. This is where Bonner is superior to a single inverter manufacturer

second, relying on the strong R & D team in the United States, Bonner has established a broad inverter product line. From economic a series products to high-performance B series products based on more than 10 years' experience in R & D and manufacturing of experimental machines; From simple v/f control to high-performance closed-loop current vector control; From 0.2KW to 500kW, or even higher power products. Choosing Bonner frequency converter can meet most customer needs

third, perfect global service network: Bonner has some in the world's major economic regions and can provide global services. In China, Bonner has a strong technical team, responsible for perfect pre-sales and after-sales support

Bonner inverter adheres to the company's strong technical accumulation, has reliable quality, and has been customized for the Chinese market. I believe it will have a bright development prospect. Within five years, Bonner is committed to becoming an important participant in China's general inverter market with relatively low overall cost of passive cooling and a leader in some sub sectors

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