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Several times of glass curtain wall falling off in Guangzhou caused by typhoon

a few days ago, typhoon "wesent" struck, causing many times of glass curtain wall falling off in Guangzhou Tianhe and Zhujiang New Town. Fortunately, no one was injured

but there is a Chinese saying that has been circulating for thousands of years called "prepare for a rainy day". I think this idiom is very reasonable. Take the glass falling off incident for example! We all know that this season is a season of wanton typhoons. It is obvious how powerful the destructive power of typhoons is

in such a prosperous area as Tianhe in Guangzhou and the new city in the Pearl River, the emission of CO2 and SO2 can be reduced by more than 64million tons in China. There are thousands of people in and out of the area! To tell the truth, add appropriate low concentration engine oil at the sliding round rod;, We don't want to wear helmets every time we go out to protect our lives. Therefore, managers should pay attention to the crisis of glass curtain wall

to find ways to improve the safety of glass curtain wall is our most important work at this stage. It is said that "shurejia" safety explosion-proof membrane can reduce the loss caused by natural disasters. When encountering tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters, "shurejia" an is similar to glass, and the full explosion-proof membrane fixes the glass fragments in place to reduce the risk of glass fragments attacking people. At the same time, "shurejia" safety explosion-proof membrane can also reduce the harm caused by glass quality problems. The investigation shows that many glass breaks are caused by the problems of the glass itself, such as the self explosion of tempered glass, etc. the "shurejia" safety explosion-proof film will prevent the glass fragments from falling in this case, and will have enough time to wait for the glass replacement and the repair of the window. Zhonghua glass () Department

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