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Now enterprises pay more and more attention to the Internet, and more and more enterprises begin to try network marketing. How about the effect? According to the survey, at least 85% of the enterprises that have tried online marketing report unsatisfactory results

with the advent of the Internet era, Internet marketing is an inevitable trend. Every enterprise wants to get a share in the big cake. Internet marketing looks beautiful, but most people fail. In the development trend of modern Internet, let enterprises love and hate, because if enterprises do not transform the Internet, they will die; But after trying to transform, I found that I was looking for death

how can door and window enterprises achieve better results in the fierce Internet marketing, so what should we do

online advertising is what every enterprise will do now. In recent years, portal websites have stepped out of the path of online media and opened up marketing means and advertising presentation methods such as brand online advertising and news marketing, which provide strong support for the marketing and brand communication of many large and medium-sized enterprises. We can do it in Sohu Home, Sina home, Phoenix home, Jiuzheng building materials network, Tencent home Home online and other media have seen some advertisements launched by powerful brands

at the same time, Alibaba, Huicong, Taobao, tmall, and other e-commerce platforms have created a legend of online sales. Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines have become widely recognized online marketing means for aluminum alloy doors and windows with keyword competitive ranking, sponsor links, right advertising space, brand zone and so on

at the same time of online marketing, we cannot give up the original marketing concept. Only by combining the two can we play a better effect. Doors and windows are special customized products, and we should pay attention to the combination of online and offline while online marketing


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