How much is Chinese retro decoration

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Feelings are now very "valuable", and retro is also popular. There is no lack of retro decoration style in the decoration style. For example, there are a large number of supporters of Chinese retro. As Xiaobian mentioned, feelings are very valuable, and Chinese retro decoration is also more expensive. So how much is Chinese retro decoration? Let's talk about it with you

Chinese retro decoration is very particular about design, and the use of materials is also very particular. Therefore, the decoration price will be relatively high. Many people may give up the Chinese retro style because of the budget. As for the approximate cost of Chinese retro decoration, the following Xiaobian has sorted out several cases to provide you with a reference

case 1: jiulongcang Yuexi 132 square meters three bedroom Longfa decoration half package price 72

case 2: Fudi East Lake International 158 square meters three bedroom Yezhifeng decoration full package price 558

case 3: Ruihe Washington 170 square meters three bedroom Jiangnan beauty decoration full package price 150000

the price of Chinese retro decoration is relatively expensive. Before deciding whether to decorate as Chinese retro, Xiaobian suggested that you might as well choose several decoration companies to visit two rooms for free, and make a quotation for you according to your requirements. You are looking to see whether it meets your budget. Book a free room measurement page。




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