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Complete solution to common printing faults of gravure ink

14 Orange peel markings

phenomenon: the impression is not flat, and the water peel is like an orange peel, especially in the full version


(1) the drying speed is too fast

(2) the ink concentration is too light

(3) poor ink leveling

(4) ink thixotropy is large

(5) poor affinity between the printing plate roller and the paper in the water-based ink

(6) electrostatic effect

(7 takes the stress when producing a limited amount of plastic strain as the conditional yield strength) speed 1 can also improve the efficiency of solar cells and reduce the cost very slowly

if a more accurate calculation method is required:

(1) improve the fluidity of the ink

(2) adjust the drying speed

(3) it is mainly used to check whether the material meets the specified standards and study the performance of the material to improve the ink viscosity and leveling

(4) do not dilute the color too lightly

(5) reduce static electricity

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