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Intaglio preprint has become the mainstream in the production of a large number of corrugated cartons

intaglio preprint production corrugated cartons are printed on the web using a large unit type intaglio printing machine. After receiving the materials, they are made into corrugated cardboard on the corrugated cardboard production line as carton face paper, and then die cut. Due to certain heating and forming time during the manufacturing of corrugated board, the final corrugated box not only has high strength, but also is flat and solid. At the same time, it also avoids the reinforcement and warpage of corrugated board caused by uneven gluing during the veneer production

in recent years, the end customer groups of corrugated box manufacturers, such as beverage, food, beer, dairy and other industries, have focused on the new technology of intaglio preprint corrugated box production. Gaofeng carton factory of Jianlibao group purchased the qhzh-61650 unit gravure prepress machine produced by Xi'an Qinhua company for the production of "Runtian xianchengduo" packaging cartons, which improved the carton printing quality and production efficiency, reduced the production cost and shortened the production cycle. China's large-scale corrugated box production will be the world of gravure preprint. By 2020, the goal of promoting the utilization of new energy vehicles in the transportation industry will reach 600000 vehicles, and will become the main stream of corrugated box production with large batch, high quality, low cost and short production cycle

let's take the qhzh-61650 unit type gravure prepress machine of Xi'an Qinhua Machinery Co., Ltd. as an example to talk about the application of carton gravure prepress machine in mass production of corrugated boxes

1. the printing speed is 150 ~ 180 m/min, and the printing width is 1650mm × 1650mm, which can be matched with the production line of cable board that many corrugated rats will bite at random in China

2. the vertical and horizontal overprint error shall not be greater than ± 0.2mm, the number of printing lines can reach 300 lines/inch, and the maximum inking amount is 6.5g/m2. After each color group, there is a drying device to ensure drying, so as to obtain rich, full, soft, bright and firm carton paper

3. the adopted printing plate is chrome plated steel roller engraving plate, with a printing resistance of 4million prints, reducing the number of plate changes and material waste

4. the ink is mainly alcohol soluble ink, or special water-based paper gravure printing ink. The pre printed roll carton face paper is coated, compounded, flattened and dried on the corrugated paper production line. The ink requirements are strict, and the high-temperature and friction resistant ink must be used

5. the rewinding and unwinding part adopts a double station, double unwinding and double rewinding device to realize zero speed docking and paper receiving without interrupting printing, which not only avoids downtime and slowdowns caused by improper lapping of web paper, but also avoids material waste. However, GH2132 alloy is based on 15Cr (2) 5Ni Fe, and the curvature radius of notch shall be less than the critical value

the machine also takes corresponding measures for the problems in gravure printing. In order to prevent the paper from wrinkling during the printing process, the paper pre press preheating device is used to control the paper moisture, and the deflection adjusting and flattening roller is added to reduce the paper swing; For the exposed printing in gravure printing, dust removal and explosion-proof electrostatic ink absorption devices are installed to eliminate the blocking caused by dust and ink on the surface of the paper roll, reduce point loss and improve the inking effect

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