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Gravure printing machine for printing UV decorative ink

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Abstract: the utility model relates to a four printing machine which hopes that the above brief introduction can help you print UV decorative ink, including a machine base, an ink tank, an ink roller, an intaglio cylinder and an embossing cylinder. The utility model is characterized in that: a heating jacket is arranged outside the ink tank, an electric heating tube is arranged in the heating jacket, a through hole is arranged on the gravure cylinder shaft, a circulating heat pipe is connected on the through hole, a far-infrared lamp is arranged above the gravure cylinder, a knife rest is arranged at the edge of the gravure cylinder, and the two ends of the knife rest are respectively provided with a fuse polyamide elastic sheet which is not specified. The polyamide elastic sheet is in the shape of I., and the two edges are tangent to the two ends of the gravure cylinder and the edge of the cylinder. The utility model discusses the development status of the domestic spring testing machine in combination with the products of our factory. The advantage of the utility model is that the UV decorative ink with high viscosity can be used on the sheet fed G printing machine, and the decorative patterns of imitating metal etching, refraction, wrinkles, ice flowers and coral can be printed on the paperboard

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